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27th October
These pictures were taken walking around Laxey on Sunday afternoon.  Panasonic TZ200 25/10/20
There are five new Railway pictures in Railways 2020 Pt4  -  Panasonic TZ200 25/10/20
26th October
There are twenty two new Railway pictures taken on the Steam Railway yesterday in Railways 2020 Pt4  -  Panasonic TZ200 25/10/20
25th October
There are fourteen new Railway pictures, taken on the Manx Electric Railway yesterday afternoon, in Railways 2020 Pt4  -  Panasonic TZ200 24/10/20
24th October
On the way home on Thursday afternoon, we were passing along the quayside in Ramsey at around sunset and I wondered if there was still enough light for some aerial shots, so we diverted to the shore and I took these ones.  The sun was hidden behind some cloud but it did produce some nice light.
DJI Spark 22/10/20
23rd October
A few wild Wallaby pictures in Ballaugh Curragh from yesterday afternoon and earlier in the month.  Nikon D7100 14/10/20 & 22/10/20
I only came across these pictures from Sunday afternoon this morning.  Peel Castle from above Lady Port, which inspired me to stop off there on the way home and take the aerial series at sunset.  Panasonic TZ200 18/10/20
Autumn colours yesterday afternoon in the Ballaugh Curragh wetlands area.  The weather forecast over the next couple of days is giving heavy rain with gale or severe gale force winds, so a lot of the leaves will probably be blown off the trees.  Nikon D7100 22/10/20
22nd October
Driving south towards Peel heading home from Lady Port I noticed the sun starting to set and thought that there might be a possibility of some nice aerial pictures of the castle.  There wasn't much time remaining when I reached my flying location and all of the following pictures were taken within ten minutes.
DJI Spark 18/10/20
21st October
A visit to the west coast between Peel and Kirkmichael, climbing down the the area known as Lady Port.  There's no defined footpath and It's quite a steep climb down to beach level.  You also need to check the tides before coming here as at high tide there isn't much beach at all and the southern section gets cut off as the tide rises, with no way to climb up the steep cliffs behind.  There's a small waterfall that cascades down onto the beach, the stream starting in Glion Cam above the Devil's Elbow.  All these pictures were taken with the DJI Spark drone.  18/10/20
20th October
After taking the pictures centred around Corrin's Tower on Friday, I had planned to walk to a lower location on the west side of the hill for a further flight.  However, cloud covered the sun and it seemed unlikely to re-appear before sunset so I made my back down to the car.  The remaining light looked nice over the city so I carried out a further short flight from lower down.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro 16/10/20
19th October
Aerial photography from Friday afternoon in the area of Corrin's Tower on Peel Hill.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro 16/10/20
18th October
Just a couple of pictures for today.  I had long wondered if it would be possible to get both Braddan old and new churches in an aerial picture and was inspired seeing the one by Craig from Isle of Man by Drone into having a go.  I manged to get the two churches and also a shot of the newer (relatively!) cemetry and little chapel that's just up the road from the churches.  DJI Spark 16/10/20
17th October
On Thursday afternoon we decided to visit Ballaglass Glen to have a look at the Autumn colours there, but to make the walk a bit longer we started at Port Cornaa and walked up from there.  I had the little Spark drone with me and did a couple of flights, at Port Cornaa and then at the top of the glen.
Nikon D7100 & DJI Spark 15/10/20
15th October
Some aerial photography at Ballaugh Shore late yesterday afternoon.  DJI Spark 14/10/20
An after sunset picture taken yesterday from home.  The sun has just vanished behind South Barrulle but is still illuminating the underside of the cloud.
Panasonic TZ200 14/10/20
13th October
A selection of pictures taken yesterday afternoon at several locations, Peel, The Sound, Scarlett and Castletown.  Panasonic TZ200 12/10/20
12th October
Fishing boats in Peel Harbour on Friday afternoon.   Panasonic TZ200 10/10/20
There are ten new Railway pictures taken yesterday in Railways 2020 Pt4  -  Panasonic TZ200 11/10/20
There are three new Aircraft pictures taken yesterday at Ronaldsway in Aircraft 2020 Pt 4 - Panasonic TZ200 11/10/20
11th October
Four pictures taken at Peel on Friday afternon when sunshine and dramatic skies made for some good photograhy.  The last picture is in fact stitched from four original hand held shots and is shown in two sizes.  Panasonic TZ200 9/10/20
There are three new Aircraft pictures in Aircraft 2020 Pt 4 - Panasonic FZ72 9/10/20
10th October
I'd bought some new walking boots the previous day and was looking to give them a good trial, so found this route around Narradale on the map and tried it on Thursday afternoon.  I've lived on the island now for over 30 years, but at least 50% of the route was new to me, which was rather nice.  The weather wasn't that great, rather dull and overcast for a lot of the time with rain showers threatening from time to time.  I had the little Spark drone in my rucksack as I hoped to get some aerial shots of the hilltop ponds when I arrived there as I remembered them being difficult to photograph from ground level.
Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Spark 8/10/20
Four pictures taken late afternoon on the drive back home after my walk around Narradale.  Panasonic TZ200 8/1/20
There are three new Railway pictures in Railways 2020 Pt4  -  Panasonic TZ200 8/10/20
9th October
A set of aerial pictures taken in Sulby Glen yesterday morning.  The intention had been to photograph the waterfall that cascaded down the western side of the glen before entering the Sulby River.  However, maybe a drone isn't the best way to picture a long skinny waterfall!  DJI Phantom 4 Pro 8/10/20
Some ground level pictures after flying.  Panasonic TZ200 8/10/20
8th October
These pictures were taken in the Peel area on Sunday afternoon.  Nikon D7100 4/10/20
6th October
A couple of pictures taken from the Marine Drive on Friday afternoon.  Panasonic TZ200 2/10/20
5th October
A Ground/Air/Ground photo mission (and walk) on Thursday afternoon.  Starting from the Bradda Glen car park and walking up to Bradda Head and the Milner Tower, then continuing along the footpath to Bradda Hill summit and a bit further to the hilltop overlooking Fleshwick Bay, before returning.  The GPS tracker recorded a lateral distance of 4.25 miles with climbs and descents of just under 1,000 ft.  Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Spark 1/10/20
There are nine new railway pictures taken at Santon yesterday, in Railways 2020 Pt4  -  Panasonic TZ200 4/10/20
There are five new Aircraft pictures in Aircraft 2020 Pt 4 - Panasonic TZ200 4/10/20
4th October
Starting the pictures taken in October with a couple of aerial selections from Onchan and Douglas.
DJI Spark 1/10/20
Port Jack, Onchan
Douglas Promenade
The promenades at Douglas are in the midst of a major rebuilding programme with road and pavement routes changing almost weekly it seems.  I thought would take the opportunity of recording the work in progress from an aerial point of view, for comparison with the finished results.
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham