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Welcome to the 'about the site & me' page, really just a little history of how it all started, what it is now and a brief bio to let you know who I am.
If you want to contact me about anything, my website email is:
XXXjon@island-images.co.ukXXX - Just remove the XXXs first! (it's an anti spam attempt)
I can also be found on Facebook (as Jon Wornham) - Island Images also has its own Facebook Page
Air Traffic Control the old fashioned way - Ronaldsway 2012!
My name's Jon Wornham and from 1990 until I retired in September 2014 worked as an Air Traffic Controller at Ronaldsway Airport.  I'm married to Georgie and we live in Onchan. Before moving to the Isle of Man we lived in Ayrshire, Scotland and I worked at Prestwick Airport. I originally worked at the London Air Traffic Control Centre and then Heathrow Airport as an Air Traffic Assistant in the 1970s - 80s
I'm originally from Hertfordshire, England and Georgie from Rutherglen, Scotland.
My first IOM photo website was produced back in January 1998, as I had some free webspace provided and wondered if I could produce a simple photographic site using my early digital images. When I started receiving emails from around the world I realized that there was a lot of interest in pictures of my adopted homeland.  Initially it was intended to be an illustrated guide to the Isle of Man, but things changed over time.
Since those early days it has grown massively and it's now a photographic site for some of my Isle of Man pictures.   

The camera equipment I use has improved hugely since the early days enabling me to post larger and better quality pictures.   

The picture on the left was one of the first on the site and is in its original website size. Taken using the Fuji DS7 camera, this was only slightly smaller than the full size image from the camera.

From 2009, the Isle of Man Scenic pictures have been presented in sequential galleries and are 
now linked so that you can move from one picture in a set to the next. At some point during each year I edit the previous year's galleries and incorporate selected pictures into a Yearbook for that year and 
also index the pictures by parish.  Trains, Aircraft , Ships and Air Traffic Control History are in their own sections, but new pictures are linked from the 'Latest' page. 
At the start of 2017 I had a major purge on the site and all of the smaller galleries have now been removed. 
Pictures from 2007 onwards also have the Exif photo data attached, so if you want to know technical details of the picture you can use a suitable program to decode it.
I've been interested in photography for many years, but it's only with the coming of affordable digital cameras that I was able to indulge my hobby to the extent I would like without bankrupting myself! 
I have used a variety of digital cameras since 1998 to produce the site, see the page linked below for details. Until about 2000/2001 I used film as well but although still possessing a couple of film cameras including the wondeful but weighty Canon T90, I haven't used them since then. 
Digital Cameras used past and present for Island Images
All the pictures are post processed to some extent using Paint Shop Pro - a brilliant program at a fraction of the cost of Photoshop. I started with version 4 and now use Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X9. I also use PTgui for stitching together panoramas and Fotor for processing RAW images.
 The site is produced using Netscape Composer - old and basic but it suits me!

Family History
If you are a 'WORNHAM, WARNHAM, WERNHAM, WIRDNAM', or any other similar sounding surname you may be interested to look at my brother's family history pages at: www.wornham.info
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