Aerial Images 2020 - 2    April - June
An index of aerial images taken with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro or DJI Spark quadcopter.
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 All pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham
 23rd April
St Luke's Church and Injebreck Reservoir.  DJI Phantom 4
24th & 27th April
Ronaldsway Area.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro
  It was the first time that I'd done any drone flying here since the 5 Km 'Drone Exclusion Zone' was mandated around the IOM Airport, so various steps had to be undertaken before I could fly.  I already had the required permissions from the IOM Civil Aviation Authority, but needed to agree a plan of action with Air Traffic Control, which was to operate while the airport was closed, with mitigation in place to guard against 'out of hours' opening for an air ambulance or other flight.  Finally I needed to present the evidence of all this to the drone manufacturer, DJI, to obtain an 'Unlocking Code' to allow the drone to fly within their geofencing area around the airport. 
St Michael's Isle (Fort Island) and Derbyhaven Bay
Santon Gorge
3rd May
Derbyhaven Bay.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro
 Castletown   DJI Phantom 4 Pro 3/5/20
4th May
Pooil Vaaish, Pooil Richie & Balladoole.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro
Scarlett Point.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro
9th May
Langness.   DJI Phantom 4 Pro
Derbyhaven Bay.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro
26th May
Panoramas following the former Manx Northern Railway from Kirkmichael to Ballaugh Curragh.  DJI Spark
28th May
 Castletown and Balasalla areas.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro
1st June
Santon Gorge and Port Soldrick.    DJI Phantom 4 Pro
14th June
Douglas beach and Promenade from the Derby Castle end.  DJI Spark
Port Wallberry and the Marine Drive.  DJI Spark
25th June
Onchan Head and Onchan Harbour
DJI Phantom 4 Pro
DJI Phantom 4 Pro
Creg Bedn and Ballamish Tholtan.
DJI Spark
 All pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham