Aerial Images 2015 April - June
An index of aerial images taken with a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ quadcopter
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4th April
The Point of Ayre
7th April
Around Creg-ny-Baa and Axnfell Plantation
8th April
Great Laxey Mine
10th April
16th April
Port Soderick
19th April
Ronaldsway and Langness areas. 
(Operation of a Small Unmanned Aircraft there was only undertaken after co-ordination with Ronaldsway Air Traffic Control). 
The 1944 - 1945  home of civilian Air Traffic Control at HMS Urley, the Ronaldsway Barn Site
  1940s ATC History Pages
21st - 23rd April
Douglas - pictures taken over three days of great weather with light winds.
26th April
Ronaldsway, Langness and Fort Island
 As these flights took place within the Ronaldsway Aerodrome Traffic Zone and also very close to the airport boundary on the first flight, they were only undertaken after full consultation with Air Traffic Control. A useful guide to flying small remotely piloted aircraft in the Isle of Man is available here from the Isle of Man Civil Aviation Authority.
7th May
Brandywell & Tholt-y-Will
The first set were taken in the morning, flying from three locations, just offthe Brandywell Road then two separate locations off the Tholt-y-Will Road.
Pictures from a second flying session in the afternoon, at Port Grenaugh
21st May
Sulby Glen
It was a bit dull for the first ones above Tholt-y-Will.
Further down into Sulby Glen
From above Sulby Glen by Killabrega Farm
30th May
Peel Hill
9th June
Cashtal yn Ard and Ballafayle. Two ancient burial sites in Maughold parish
Port Mooar, Maughold Head and Port e Vullen
11th June
Port Groudle
22rd June
Sulby Claddagh
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham